The experienced team at Le Trio Coffee can help you with every detail in planning, designing, and running a successful specialty coffee business. Why not let us review your plans, offer recommendations on equipment selection, assist with the development of your coffee menu and provide training to your staff?

Le Trio Coffee can help you make a lasting impression on your customers, and keep them coming back for more.

If you are planning a new coffee shop or café, contact us to hear how we can assist you with planning your business.


Your customer’s experience is based on the freshness of the bean. Le Trio Coffee green beans, sourced from the Northern and Southern regions of Laos, are carefully selected and then roasted using the best international roasting techniques and equipment.

If you haven’t tasted our coffee, let us know and we can organize a coffee tasting session!!!!!

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Le Trio Coffee offers everything you need to set up a coffee shop or upgrade your existing equipment. We supply coffee products from the world’s best manufacturers and will recommend equipment to best suit your needs and budget.

When you buy an espresso machine from Le Trio Coffee, we can install it, service it, and carry out after-sales repairs, if necessary.

Our major brands include Nuova Simonelli, Bialetti & Hario.

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Le Trio Coffee believes the barista is the single most important factor influencing your coffee quality. The team at Le Trio Coffee can train your baristas and give them the necessary tips and confidence to establish consist standards throughout your staff.

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