Cold Drip
Filter paper
600ml fresh cold water
80g of very coarse coffee
Ice to serve


  1. Start by rinsing the paper filters with warm water to clear away any paper taste.
  2. Take your coffee chamber and insert one filter paper and then the metal filter.
  3. Add the coffee on top of the metal filter and shake the coffee then give it a firm tap to settle it – you want a flat, leveled surface.
  4. Place the second filter paper on top of the ground coffee, as this will help disperse the water evenly.
  5. Slide the coffee chamber into place and make sure the drip tap is closed before filling the water chamber.

You are ready to brew!!!!! 

00:00 Turn the tap onto a setting, which will allow about 2-3 drips per second and maintain this speed until you can see that the top 2cm of coffee is saturated.

30:00 Turn the tap onto a setting, which will allow a slow drip of about one per second and maintain this speed through the rest of the brew.

7:00 The whole brew should take around seven hours to complete. It’s finished when the water in the top chamber is empty and water drips only occasionally from the coffee chamber.

Serve by the shot, over ice or topped up with chilled milk. Enjoy.