Pour Over
Pour Over filter paper
Pouring Kettle
Coffee Mug
200ml fresh boiled water
14g of medium-fine grind coffee


  1. Place your filter paper into your Pour Over, making sure it sits flat against the side.
  2. Place the Pour Over on top of your coffee mug and rinse with hot water to warm up the Pour Over and your coffee mug.
  3. Empty the hot water from your coffee mug and then place it with the Pour Over onto your scales. Press tare to zero off.
  4. Add your coffee grind to the Pour Over, giving it a gentle shake so the coffee is leveled flat in the Pour Over. Press tare to zero off again.

You are ready to brew!!!!!

00:00  Using the pouring kettle, add 20ml of the fresh boiled water to saturate the coffee avoiding any coffee to drip though.

00:30  Allow it to sit for 30 seconds and you will begin to see the bloom and smell the scent of sweet coffee.

Keep adding water, pouring in slow circular motions until your scale measures 200gm.

02:30  It should take approximately two minutes for the full volume to brew.

03:00  Remove the Pour Over and you are now ready to enjoy your coffee.