Syphon + cloth filter
Butane/Methylated Spirits Burner
Pouring Kettle
Serving Cups
250ml fresh water
16g of medium to fine grind coffee


  1. Secure the cloth filter to the upper chamber of the Syphon by feeding the chain through the stem and then hooking it over the rim of the lower chamber.
  2. Pour water into the lower chamber of the Syphon and place the upper chamber on top without locking it in to place.
  3. Ignite your burner and set it directly under the lower chamber.
  4. When the water begins to move – but before it boils – lock the upper chamber in.
  5. The water will begin to rapidly move to the top chamber and at this point, lower burner to a very low boil.

You are ready to brew!!!!!

00:00 Start the timer and add the coffee to the upper chamber and quickly stir to saturate the coffee.

00:15 Allow it to sit for 15 seconds and then stir carefully twice around the outside of the brewing coffee.

00:30 Allow it to sit for another 15 seconds and then extinguish and remove the burner.

01:00 As the cooling process commences, the coffee will draw down to the lower chamber. This should take approximately 30 seconds.

01:30 Allow it to sit for another 30 seconds after the draw down process is complete and then remove the upper chamber and set it in the holder.

04:30 Pour the coffee into the serving cups and wait for between 3 to 4 minutes before you can drink and enjo